Lightning thought #1 : MAGIC !

11 May 2017 / by KhanhIceTea

Random quote

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

It's true in LOGIC ! But sometimes, it goes wrong in computer science and ... life.

What does computer program do ?

We learnt from Computer Science courses this phisolophy :

PROGRAM takes INPUT and produces OUTPUT

So, same PROGRAM + same INPUT = same OUTPUT

And that's the basis of every testing techniques. We expect specified OUTPUT for the specified INPUT. If not, it fails !

What happens in reality ?

magic in computer science



Sometimes it works, sometime it doesn't ! This is common situation in developer's life and human's life

But, have you ever think the root of it ? Why ? How ? It happened ?

I'm drunk when writing this, but this is my random thoughts :

  • Time : of course, time affects everything it touched but I seperate to 2 reasons
    • Randomization : any random thing depends on timing. At A, it was X. But at B, it will be Y. So the program or life depends on 1 random thing is unstable, unpredictable and magic !
    • Limitation : everything has its limitation, once you go over that, you will be blocked or have to wait.
  • Dependencies : anything has dependencies, even NOTHING depends on EVERY dependencies.
    • Unavailable : dead, down-time, overloaded
    • Break Changes : you need X but dependency has Y

How about human life ?

If you keep doing the same thing but different attitude, magic can happen !

That's why machines can't win human !

Because human is unpredictable !


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