This is my graph of Work Experience Timeline :

Work Experience Timeline

There are 5 phrases and 5 levels of working :

  1. First, get excited about new thing, getting onboard, the exciting helps you to push yourself through 0-exp wall. Now you are ready to work
  2. You continue the repeated practicing what you just learned, some points you see it's hard or un-suitable of biased knowledge then giving up (so you end at this step)
  3. You passed the comfort-zone, but this phrase you have to deal with Boredom-zone (your work need to be done repeatly multiple times). Now, if you see out there, the flashy new thing appears, you can leave the work and restart to Step 1 within new job
  4. Ok, now you passed the Boredom-zone, be a senior one, who can MAKE-SHIT-DONE, who can know what causes the problem and how to fix it. But your Ego keep your eye from see further, new Shit comes every year. Now you become 10-year-1-shit Senior !
  5. You love the things you do and you acctually love doing it, that's why you keep learning, practicing and mastering new Shit. The Compound rule happens ! You don't see the end of something called Expert (but the outsiders call you truly Expert)

Disclaimer : This timeline is my 2 cents, based on my looking and re-thinking of my past experiences. Btw, I'm still stuck in the 10-year senior

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