What are the best things to INVEST in right now ?

14 Dec 2017 / by KhanhIceTea

Disclaimer: this article isn't a financial advice. So if you're looking for one, this will make you disappointed!

We are human, we were born, we are living and we will die soon. As a financial point of view, life is a business - we keep that business works, makes benefit and hope it last long to the next generation.

I think about this, and I have a question "So what are the best things to INVEST in right now ?", "Is it Google or Apple stock ?", "Is it BitCoin, ETH or another cryptographic currency ?", "Is it gold or diamond ?", "Is it ... nothing ?"

Then I found my answer: it is thing make benefit no matter world change, it is thing make me enjoy benefit happily and finally, it is thing make that benefit last to next generations.

Here is my list:

1. Education

What makes humans different from other animals? - LEARNING ! We learned how to use fire, communicate stories, build houses, hunt animals, cut trees, make wars, invent computers, dream on bots and write history.

Yeah, history always tell the truth! Education is the most important factor to make a nation "bigger, stronger". A great nation isn't the resource-rich nation, but a well-educated nation.

Come back to our-self, what makes us valuable in every industry? - Our skills! They can be hard skills or soft skills. If you don't have any skills, you can be assumed as a useless man in the industry. Because you can't create any value, or even break something you touched!

With skills and keep-learning motivation, you could do almost anything (not everything) you wanted. Your value comes from efforts and ... mistakes. So keep learning every single day! And benefit will come to you no matter how technology, politic, economic change.

So please don't invest in speculation but in education!

This below video is for who still confuse about investing in cryptographic currency. It makes the idea for me to write this article.

2. Health

Sure ! It's your, only belong to you (you can't switch it to another one). The thing makes you live in this moment, read this line, smile a little, cry out loud. Kind of silly, but it helps you make the benefits and enjoy them happily!

So take care of it!

Sit less, walk more, breath deeply and sleep early.

3. Kindness

Yes, a bit weird. Kindness doesn't help you to make the benefit, keep it or enjoy it. But it makes your benefit become more valuable than its raw value. It makes next generations remember and proud of you. Ex: people nowadays don't remember about richest mans in the past but who shared their knowledge or assets.

And best way to keep your kindness is trusting in something or someone (as I trusted in God). And be consistent on your belief.

You should be kind to your family, your friends, your teammates, your boss, fellow humans and your ... enemy (God taught me that).

Be kind, and be kind to yourself!

If you have nothing here to invest, at least take time counting stars

Till next time ;)

Sound good ?

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