Every system will be balanced, and human life is a system.

How do you stand balanced on the ground ? It's a negative force, which the ground push you with opposite force of gravity. So you can stand, can walk like a system.

Sometimes system looks like be collapsed, but it's not, because the negative force needs time to do its job (which I call the system delay). A big delay causes panic for impatient ones. So if you want to stand balance in any system, you have to understand the system, its change, its delay and to survive to the moment it becomes stable again.

Human world is a system, AI revolution is a positive force, you can lose your job, but the world always need you in another way (maybe better way).

Human health is a system, the virus can be a positive force, your immune system will take action to neutralize (or even virus neutralize itself to live with owner). "When everyone is sick, no one is called sick !"

Vice versa, your "positive" impact will be neutralized from the "negative force", make everything be normal back, so don't stand on the victory too long, it makes you weaker silently.

Btw, one good quote I read :

Work on the system, not in the system !

Til next time ;)

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