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#TIL : Can not get real IP address from Load Balancer SSL Passthrough

I learned on 2019-03-14 about web, loadbalancer, ssl

[PHP 0 to 1] : Cơ bản về Web

Hiểu cơ bản về Web, nó vận hành như thế nào ?

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#TIL : Sending Cookie in AJAX CORs request

I learned on 2018-03-01 about web, http, browser

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#TIL : Tracking changes of cookie on webpage

I learned on 2018-01-10 about debug, web, javascript

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#TIL : Bypass CORS by using JSONP callback

I learned on 2018-01-08 about web, javascript, jsonp

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#TIL : Sleeping connections in MySQL

I learned on 2018-01-04 about web, db, mysql

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#TIL : HSTS rule in browser

I learned on 2018-01-03 about web, security

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#TIL : Using web proxy to bypass firewalls

I learned on 2017-12-07 about firewall, web, proxy

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#TIL : Enable reverse proxy in CentOS

I learned on 2017-09-01 about sysadmin, web, proxy