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30 Nov 2015 / by KhanhIceTea


We constantly learn new things. This is a repo to share those learnings. TILs are short Markdown documents (a few sentences + example code) explaining concepts, bits of syntax, commands, or tips we've recently learned.

Today-I-Learn (TIL) is inspired by Thoughbot, TIL is a repository for everyone to share what we have learn today.

This repo has a tool that help you to manage and write down what you learned in scientific way.

And this is my repo used TIL :


Step 1 : Fork this repo (blank-repo with only tool and readme file).

Step 2 : Start writting down what you learned in everyday.

  • Create a topic


$ ./til bash "Bash Conditional Expression"

It will create 1 file bash/

  • Write content
  • Save it !

Step 3 : Commit what you learned today

$ ./til commit

After that, if you want to push it to repository, just Enter.


© 2015 khanhicetea. Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.


Sound good ?