The new MS Edge is good, it's based on Chromium and many fancy built-in features. Of course, there is 2 sides of a coin (Convenience and Privacy) and you have to choose one!

One big issue of MS Edge is its New Tab page (heavy, news and messy things). And if you notice each time you browsing new website from the New Tab page, it sends some telemetry data to MSN services (belonged to Microsoft). And even worse, you have to wait telemetry request to be finished before it switchs to the desired website.

Below is a photo about it

microsoft edge new tab page telemetry


Method 1 : install an Chrome extension (remember to allow install extension from other store), the extension called Blank New Tab Page by Nick Vogt. It overrides the default New Tab page to a blank page (or you can choose a familiar extenstion)

Method 2 : block telemetry request by disabling all requests to MS Edge telemetry domains, by adding below lines to your hosts file

  • In Windows : C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts
  • In Linux or MacOS : /etc/hosts
# Edge

Don't know how to update hosts file ? Read here

ENJOY ! ;)