SaaS Multi-tenant Architecture - Part 1

11 Jan 2019 / by KhanhIceTea

What is SaaS Multi-tenant?

SaaS (Software as a Service) or "on-demand software" has become a common delivery model for many bussiness software applications nowaday. It means when customers register the service, they get the software right-away.

In case customer want an isolated software (means other customers can't read and write their data), then the multi-tenant architecture is your right choice !

Common strategies

We have many ways to build a multi-tenant system, but there are 3 common strategies:

  • Shared database, shared schemas
  • Shared database, seperated schemas
  • Separated database

Every strategy has pros and cons and nothing in software is silver bullet. So pick the strategy fit to your requirements.

Separated database

But today, I will write about my chosen strategy (Separated database).

The most important things you have to remember is what being shared and separated between different tenants:

    • Infrastructures
      • Hosts
      • Networking
    • Platforms
      • Load balancer
      • Databases
      • Key-Value storages
      • Monitoring
    • Software
      • Application tenant code
    • Database
    • Metadata (about tenant info)
    • Environment variables
    • File storages
    • Subscription Plans
    • Endpoints
    • Queues (job queues)

To be continued ...

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