Tech Tips : Fixing Linux lagging on Laptop Dell XPS 9310

01 Dec 2021 / by KhanhIceTea


Early 2021, I bought a new laptop DELL XPS 9310 Developer edition ( means Linux is the main Operating System).

I mentioned once more "Linux is the main Operating System", but when I re-install new Linux OS (PopOS! 20.04). It's so laggy and so bad : graphic is freeze, bad wireless connection (wifi + bluetooth) and battery life is short (4-5 hours). So disappointed !

And I promise to myself : "Never buy any Linux laptops, even DELL or Lenovo has specified model for Linux" !


I searched on the internet why I have this issues, and find out that because new OS using recent kernel (5.13) and it's not the OEM kernel made by DELL. So I just install the OEM kernel and change it to default running kernel.

$ sudo apt install linux-oem-20.04b

More infomation about OEM kernel :

Then change default kernel to 5.10 version. (depends on what OS you running)

ENJOY ! ;)

Sound good ?