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#TIL : Run container processes as non-root user

I learned on 2019-03-30 about docker, root, linux

Boost Docker CI Build Speed to ~10X times

As an software engineering developer, you know that automated CI testing is the one of keys to improve software release life cycle.

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#TIL : Make cron job runs every seconds

I learned on 2018-11-15 about cron, bash, linux

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#TIL : Disable IPv6 to stop getting stuck in network

I learned on 2018-01-16 about networking, linux

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#TIL : Using watch command to tracking changes in period time

I learned on 2017-10-20 about tool, watch, linux

Reading NFC Card ID on Ubuntu

You just bought a new NFC card reader with USB port. And you want expose only its data to file or send to server for processing ?

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#TIL : Send ENTER key to kernel

I learned on 2017-09-27 about keyboard, linux

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#TIL : Remap Capslock to Control key

I learned on 2017-08-08 about keyboard, linux

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#TIL : Cleaning up old linux kernels

I learned on 2017-08-06 about sysadmin, kernel, linux