#TIL : HTTP2 supported for python requests library

Aug 4, 2017 4 mins read 8d4302659

HTTP2 supported for python requests library

The sophisticated http client in Python is requests, it has simple API but powerful features. You can use it for crawling, sending request to third-party API or writing tests.

Btw, at this moment it doesn’t support HTTP/2 protocol (actually we often doesn’t need its Server Push or Multi resource stream features). But sometime the API endpoint only supports HTTP/2 like Akamai Load Balacing service.

The hero is new library named hyper, it has been developing to support full HTTP/2 specs. But if all we need is requesting single request to a HTTP/2 server. It works like a charm.


$ pip install requests
$ pip install hyper


import requests
from hyper.contrib import HTTP20Adapter
s = requests.Session()
s.mount('https://', HTTP20Adapter())
r = s.get('https://cloudflare.com/')

This mean any url has prefix https:// will be hanlded by HTTP20Adaper of hyper library


If you run above example, you will see the result


While you expected it would auto-follow redirect to the page https://www.cloudflare.com/

We can fix it by using the newer version than 0.7.0 to fix the header key bytestring issue

$ pip uninstall hyper
$ pip install https://github.com/Lukasa/hyper/archive/development.zip

Then try it out !!!

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