Build Sequel Pro from source in XCode 10

Sequel Pro is great GUI MySQL tool in macOS (it's open source and of course totally free)

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#TIL : The safest way to reset root password of MySQL Server

I learned on 2018-08-25 about sysadmin, security, database, mysql

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#TIL : SQL Wildcard Characters

I learned on 2018-07-26 about database

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#TIL : Use temporarily data from another database in SQLite

I learned on 2018-05-02 about sqlite, database

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#TIL : Indexes on multiple columns

I learned on 2017-10-13 about indexes, database

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#TIL : Basics about sqlite command line tool

I learned on 2017-04-25 about sqlite, database

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#TIL : Persistent connection to MySQL

I learned on 2017-02-28 about database, php, mysql

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I learned on 2017-02-23 about database, mysql

Backup and Restore ElasticSearch databases using Docker

One day, your ElasticSearch data is large and you have to move all data to another nodes or you just want backup the data file to somewhere.