Hi there,

I start this blog from Nov 30, 2015. It means I have taken a 777-day journey through every line, every single word of this blog. (Oh man ! It’s a lucky number !!!)

777 / 101 = 7.(6930)(6930)(6930)(6930)… days per post 😱

You know, sometimes we can’t achieve anything without help from the others. And yes, it’s from you - who reading this line. You are the purpose, the (why) I wrote this thing.

I know my writing skill isn’t good, my ideas aren’t new, unique or shiny, but I believe that I gave you something (at least for entertainment or wasting your time, haha). I believe that I will improve it as long as I write. Btw, I have a plan to stop writing when no one reads this blog for a month. Maybe the plan will never come true! Maybe not ?! 😜

So please help me on this, ask me, make me stuck in your curiosity, then fix me! m('.')m



Til next time ;)